How The Recruiter Screensaver Works

Jeffrey G. Allen, J.D., C.P.C.

Using the recruiter screensaver should result in more placements for you.

It's based on the proven effect of a few positive repeated statements.  Psychologists call positive statements affirmations.  These are the little sayings and phrases that you see everywhere.  However, most of them are too abstract to be of any value. 

But high billers burn a few focused, specific statements into their subconscious.  By some estimates, internalizing them boosts production by as much as one placement a month!

The reason positive statements work so well for recruiters is because they overpower the negativity inherent in executive search.  Most cold calls are met with rejection.  Most recruits don't become viable candidates.  Most referrals aren't interviewed.   Most sendouts aren't hired.  Clients and candidates can be unreliable, unpleasant and very unkind.  Insulation from this negativity is essential to succeed.

Positive statements counteract negative carryforward – the recruiter's reaction to rejection that is "carried forward" to the next contact.  This phenomenon can have a recruiter calling a potential MPC (most placeable candidate) and practically saying, "Hi, you probably don't want to change jobs anyway.  Sorry to bother you.  Bye."  This is far less likely when positive statements are repeatedly used.   

Cognitive psychologists have determined that to most effectively reach your subconscious, the statements must be:


1.  Limited.  Too many will overload your mind and cancel each other out.

2.  Specific.  They can't just be generic "positive thinking" sayings.

3.  Focused.  Only goal-oriented factual statements will rivet your mind on production.

4.  Short.  One statement in one sentence is best.

5.  Repetitious.  As with advertising, repeated statements become embedded in your subconscious.

6.  Relevant.  Presentation at optimum times connects the statements to the activity.

7.  Illustrated.  The image must enhance the word picture.

8.  Spoken.  Simultaneously seeing, picturing and hearing the statement increases subconscious penetration.

I created positive statements as signs when I worked a desk, and they increased the PDA (per desk average) in our 30-desk office by over 10%.  They were so successful that the signs were distributed throughout our network.  Again, the PDA in our offices was increased bymore than 10%.  This was due to making more placements and became a permanent change.

Then when I started practicing placement law in 1975, we gave the signs to recruiters.  Three powerful statements consistently increased placements for them.  They are rotated on the screensaver along with customized, tested graphics and sound.

The screensaver delivery is perfect for optimum results.  Not only do you see the sequenced phrases with action-oriented images, but you can also hear them.  The words, graphics and sound combine in a scientifically proven way.  The system uses your two most direct senses – visual and auditory -- to properly program that amazing goal-actualizing computer between your ears.  You naturally concentrate on making placements.   As a result, you have more sendouts and close more deals.

Instead of going dark, your computer screen will continually give you the motivation you need to motivate others.  Automatically, whenever you're at your desk away from your computer.   You can use the mute button on your keyboard if you're on the phone.   (You can also shut off the sound permanently through your computer, but wait a week.  By that time you'll ignore the voices – a sure sign the screensaver is starting to do its magic.) 

Otherwise, you do nothing different – except become more effective.  Don't overthink it – you won't become a bionic with a broken brain.  Just an automatic placement machine.

The screensaver works on your belief system. When you believe, you achieve. Every winner knows you win from within.

Virtually every trainer in our industry recommends documenting your progress.  This not only helps you see the results, but it dramatically increases them.   It will have you competing with your ultimate challenger – you!

So now, download and print out the Monthly Progress Tracker.  Complete the first tracker every day for one month (30 days).  Repeat that for two more months for a total of 90 days.  Keep your average number of hours worked the same, and your production will increase.  If you need help along the way, call my office at (310)559-6000.  I'll coach you in total confidence – and with total confidence!

It's free, automatic, and requires no change in your MO!  Just install the screensaver, and BAM!  Give it the full 90 days to work.   

Why not?  What have you got to lose?  One five-figure fee a month?  


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